Preparative Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

MBS has long used Protein A with pH gradient elution for the purification of murine monoclonal IgG antibodies.  By providing the gentlest conditions possible we have been able to offer our customers consistent monomer IgG purity of ~95%.  When circumstances warrant, we also offer the highest quality standards in Protein G and Immunoaffinity Chromatography techniques.  Increasingly, however, our custom antibody development customers have therapeutic research goals that may require an even higher level of antibody purity.

To meet those customer’s needs, MBS is now offering an additional Size Exclusion Chromatography polishing step to be added to one of our standard purification protocols. Removal of misfolded and confounding IgG dimers and higher molecular weight aggregates consistently results in antibody preparations >99% pure. Soluble aggregates can cause non-specific background problems, loss of sensitivity and variability in immunoassays that can severely confound clinical studies.

Increasing Your Antibody Purity


Left: Industry Standard, Protein A Purified Antibody 80-90% Pure, Center: MBS Protein A Purified Antibody ~95% Purity, Right: MBS Protein A with SEC Polishing >99% Purity

Applications that customers have requested ~99% purity for:

  • Clinical Assays
  • Bridging Assays
  • Gold Conjugations