ReadyPure Early Clone Evaluation

In response to increasing customer interest in having access to small quantities of purified antibody samples earlier in the hybridoma development process, MBS developed the ReadyPure purification platform. Subcloned hybridoma supernatants are expanded to 100mL culture volumes, protein G purified, buffer exchanged and sterile filtered. ReadyPure offers customers 2-5mg average antibody yields to support more extensive screening and characterization earlier in their project. Corresponding biotin conjugates can also be prepared for matched pair sandwich ELISA development. With over 20 years of hybridoma screening experience, MBS can design and execute early characterization and assay development work in-house, saving valuable time and resources.

ReadyPure Highlights:

  • Hybridoma supernatant expanded to 100mL overgrown culture

  • Ÿ2-5mg average antibody yields

  • Purified antibody provided sterile filtered in PBS (standard)

  • Custom final buffer formulations can be requested

  • Biotin conjugates can be prepared

  • ReadyPure samples can be shipped to the customer or maintained at MBS for antibody characterization and assay development work