Protein A Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies

In order to consistently provide our customers with access to the highest quality antibody reagents, MBS has developed and refined our cGMP protein A purification and downstream processing protocols. Our protocols offer the optimum binding and gentlest elution conditions based on immunoglobulin subclass. Avoiding the harsh, low-pH elution conditions typically used can prevent irreversible IgG aggregate formation. Our protein A purification process is typically able to achieve monomer IgG purity of 95% or greater.

Protein A Purification Highlights:

  • Suitable for murine monoclonal antibody productions in ascites and roller bottles

  • Optimized binding and elution conditions based on mouse IgG subclass

  • Typical monomer IgG purity of 95% or greater

  • Minimal irreversible aggregate formation to confound assays

  • In-house purification process accommodates small to large scale productions

  • Custom buffer and concentration requirements can be requested