PEG Antibody

MBS developed PEG antibodies have recently been compared by ELISA to leading PEG clones on the market. MAB206P and MAB207P were shown to be of comparable quality to the leading PEG antibody but at a fraction of the cost.  

Maine Biotechnology Services has developed two antibodies that recognize Polyethylene glycol (PEG); large, small, linear and branched. MAB206P and MAB207P are specific for the linear backbone of PEG, enhancing the utility of these antibodies. By recognizing PEG with or without the terminal methoxy group, the antibodies developed by MBS serve well as an R&D tool aiding in the PEGylation process and purification of PEGylated molecules. PEG antibodies can be a vital tool for propelling therapeutics to market by serving as a positive control anti-drug antibody, measuring clearance of a drug, or simply as a QA release confirming PEGylation.

            • MAB206P Murine Monoclonal IgG3
            • MAB207P Rat Monoclonal IgM
            • Validated in ELISA, WB, and IHC Applications
            • The most affordable PEG antibodies in the marketplace
            • Serve as Positive Controls for Drug Detection Assays
            • Recognize PEG Conjugates and Free Form PEG


        ELISA Data                                                                                                                                          Western Blot