Polyclonal Antibody Purification

Protein A and protein G are the most common choices for antibody purification due to their ability to bind the constant (Fc) region of IgG from various species.  Affinity chromatography with immobilized protein A or protein G isolates the total IgG fraction; removing serum proteins, as well as IgM antibodies. Most intact IgG antibodies can be purified efficiently by protein A or protein G but their affinity differs in selectivity for species and subclass of IgG. MBS has developed optimized processes to purify rabbit, goat, and sheep serum from small to large scale.

Protein A and G Polyclonal Antibody Purification Highlights:

  • Rabbit serum is purified by a species-optimized protein A protocol

  • Goat and sheep serum is purified by species-optimized protein G protocols

  • Isolates the total IgG fraction, removing serum proteins as well as IgM antibodies

  • Purified antibody can be further purified over an antigen affinity column to remove non-specific endogenous antibodies

  • MeetŸs the EC Regulation 1069/2009 regulations allowing shipment to Europe