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Maine Biotechnology Services is exhibiting at AACC in Philadelphia, PA August 1-4th 2016.  Stop by Booth #648 to find out how MBS’s deep expertise in antibody development services can shorten timelines and improve project outcomes.

In addition to custom antibody services, MBS offers a catalog of antibody products; developed, produced, and supported in house for maximum quality and price flexibility.  Antibodies to Norovirus, Chikungunya Virus, RSV, Adenovirus, Rotavirus, and Campylobacter jejuni are among our most popular sellers.  All MBS antibodies are produced under cGMP conditions and are available in bulk quantities.  Learn more:





About Us

Maine Biotechnology Services brings 25 years of knowledge, experience, process development, and project management to our customers to ensure the best possible antibodies for any application. As antibody development goals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry have evolved, MBS has risen to the challenge to effectively meet those needs.

The cornerstone of antibody and assay development at MBS is our technical team approach to project design and planning. The MBS antibody development plan focuses on the timely generation of data from large fusion screens that allow for the identification of quality antibody candidates.  A rigorous set of innovative and thorough screening tools are creatively developed and executed to meet dynamic customer goals with data-driven decision making. If the goals of a project change during the course of development, MBS will use accumulated data to efficiently shift focus to meet the new goals. Our mission is to use these strategies to go beyond limited contract services and be a comprehensive partner in antibody and assay method development.  MBS saves customers money and compresses timelines of the most complex projects.

MBS is more than smart hands. Discuss your antibody requirements with our technical team or browse our services to learn more.
Contact us today for more information 207-797-5454 or sales@mainebiotechnology.com