Assay Design

With 25 years of experience developing antibodies to diverse targets, we recognize how critical an optimized screening assay is to a project. Establishing effective coating conditions to ensure accurate assessment of anti-sera titer is crucial to avoiding unnecessary boosting and extension of project schedules.  By working closely with our customers to understand their project goals, we can design assays that accelerate the antibody discovery process and deliver assay solutions that provide the highest probability of success.

Screening Assay Website

Figure: Evaluation of a post-immunization test bleed to assess whether a mouse is a candidate for fusion. The “standard” screening parameters significantly under-represents the antisera titer due to sub-optimal coating. The MBS-optimized screen indicates additional immunizations are not necessary, shortening the timeline to fusion.


Blocking Assay

Figure: An immediate re-screen was designed and performed on a selection of hybridoma fusion product candidates that met the initial indirect ELISA screening criteria. Within two weeks post-fusion, fusion products were evaluated for the ability to block binding of a human monoclonal antibody (drug) to a ligand. Candidates that met this screening criteria were cultured to generate 15mL of supernatant for purification and further evaluation.



Method Development Assays

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