Antibody Consulting Services

Customers come to MBS with a variety of backgrounds and expertise when it comes to antibody development. Our goal is to offer guidance and support for each project.  With immunoassay goals becoming increasingly complex, it is more important than ever to have an antibody development partner that is asking all the right questions up front, and that has enough experience to not only anticipate complications but define a strategy to address them.  Some of the deliverables you can expect from MBS during the planning phase of your project are:

Antigen Review

If you want guidance in choosing an antigen strategy or professional feedback on a plan you have already developed, MBS now offers the option to consult with our Hybridoma Development Team who bring over 25 years of immunology and antibody development experience. The report generated will include a comparative analysis of:

  • Sequence, Features and Structural Analysis of the Antibody Target
  • Linear Epitope Prediction
  • Homology Analysis
  • Tertiary Structural Analysis of Possible Epitopes
  • A Review of Reagents on the Market and Recommendations for Use

Sample Antigen Review (select full screen in bottom right corner of flip book for best view)

Project Plan Proposal

Every new hybridoma development at MBS will have a Project Plan Proposal developed by our hybridoma project manager in collaboration with you, your sale’s person, and the MBS technical team.  The plan is meant to provide a roadmap for the antibody development process identifying up front goals, reagents, strategies and contingency plans so that as few surprises as possible are encountered along the way.  Customers can consider variations in approaches well ahead of project milestones so that decisions are made with project implications well understood.  The plan clearly defines:

  • Goals and Responsibilities
  • All Reagents and Sources
  • Screening Assay Development and Qualification
  • Immunization Strategy and Description
  • Serum Screening Strategy
  • Fusion Plan
    • Primary Fusion Screening
    • Clone Selection and Scale Up
    • Secondary Fusion Screening
    • MultiPure and Matched Pair Screening
  • Subclone Strategy
  • Defined Deliverables for Customer Throughout the Project

Every scientist on the MBS Hybridoma project management team has at least 20 years experience in immunoassay and antibody development strategies.  It is our goal to make that expertise accessible to our customers in the most comprehensive and usable way possible. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the ways that MBS can help you manage your next antibody development.

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