Assay Development Services

The key to a successful antibody development project is designing the right screening tools for selection of antibody candidates that will perform in the ultimate end application. With 25 years of hybridoma screening experience, MBS has the expertise to design, develop and execute the necessary assays at all phases of the project. From early phase serum and hybridoma screening through functional characterization of advanced monoclonal antibody candidates, MBS has the ability to direct and manage all aspects of the assay efforts and the resulting data that is generated.

Our assay development team offers a range of custom services that characterize hybridoma antibody candidates beyond the standard indirect ELISA screening. Integrated into our antibody development process, the data generated from these assays allows customers to make faster, more informed decisions on which hybridoma candidates to bring forward to subcloning for monoclonality and productions to support assay method development. Polyclonal antibody development can also be seamlessly integrated at MBS to meet project goals. With antibody samples and screening reagents already in-house, MBS is extremely effective at compressing project timelines and accommodating budget constraints for our customers.

The more screening and characterization assays performed in house at MBS during the course of hybridoma development, the better positioned the MBS technical team is to assist with final assay development goals for our customers.  We recognize that project goals can shift during development and want to provide our customers with as much data as possible to drive the best antibody selections.


Hybridoma Support Assays


Method Development Assays


Every assay development will require custom planning.  Contact us today to discuss your assay development needs.