MultiPure Product Plates

MultiPure Clone Libraries

MultiPure is a proprietary technology developed by the R&D group at Maine Biotechnology Services that generates purified antibody from fusion supernatants for use in early clone characterization and selection.  A well studied fusion product can continue to subcloning saving researchers time and money.  

The benefits of MultiPure can now be enjoyed by our product customers through the testing of MultiPure Clone Libraries.  The libraries are an array of purified target specific antibodies provided in a 96 well plate.  The samples allow a researcher access to a range of epitope specificities, affinities and other characteristics; as well as the ability to determine the best antibody for their application.

Once samples of interest are identified, the clones can be further stabilized at MBS and additional material generated in a scaled production.

MultiPure sample plates are currently available for:


Look for the opportunity to test more MultiPure product plates from our development pipeline soon.