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MAB195P Monoclonal Antibody to Human Osteopontin, N-terminal

Background   Human Osteopontin (OPN) is a negatively charged, hydrophilic protein of 314 amino acids and is subject to significant post translational modifications (PTMs) including phosphorylation and glycosylation.  Due to its acidic nature and PTMs, OPN runs anomalously by SDS-PAGE.  Although its mass is 35kD, apparent molecular weights may range up to 75kD.  In addition, OPN is subject to proteolytic modification into smaller molecular weight fragments.

Clone Determination  2E11

Host  Mouse

Immunogen  Recombinant full-length human Osteopontin

Immunoglobulin Class  IgG1 κ

Specificity Specific for the N-terminal fragment of full-length Osteopontin.  Recognizes native human Osteopontin from purified breast milk and recombinant murine OPN expressed in E.coli.

Purification  Protein A chromatography from ascites

pI  6.5-7.0

Buffer  0.15M PBS

Preservatives  None

Applications  ELISA, WB

Storage  Store at -20C to -80C; avoid repeat freeze- thaw cycles


Alicia Plumer, Hongyi Duan, Sripriya Subramaniam, F. Lee Lucas, Susan Meisfeldt, Ah-Kau Ng, Lucy Liaw. Development of Fragment Specific Osteopontin Antibodies and ELISA for Quantification in Human Metastatic Breast Cancer. BMC Cancer 2008, 8:38.


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