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MBS collaboration with University of Maine to develop antibodies to Osteopontin for breast cancer study

MBS Strep. equi clone 04D11 is used by thought leader, Dr. John Timoney for Vaccine Paper
Affects of N-terminal variation in the SeM protein of Streptococcus equi

News on Myeloperoxidase in research, MBS has new clones specific for human MPO



MBS Strep. equi reagents in a rapid test for Strangles

Maine Technology Institute grant awarded to MBS collaborator Dr. Robert Causey for disease surveillance
MTI Grant Recipiants 2010

MBS has a Multipure plate of antibodies recognizing VPAC-1 recently making news as a therapeutic target for patients undergoing chemotherapy

MBS collaborator Dr. Lucy Liaw discusses future potential for Osteopontin work

Dr. Lucy Liaw discusses Additional Research

MBS developed the murine antibody model used in the production of Aveo Pharmaceutical’s therapeutic AV-299

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